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Tribal Assistance
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The following is a list of Tribal Assistance Programs for enrolled members of the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma. There is only one application for all programs available online for you to download, print, complete, and send to the Tribal Assistance Program.

Tribal Assistance Programs

  1. Applicant must be an enrolled member of the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma.
  2. All requests must be submitted on an official Tribal Assistance Application.
  3. Forms must be complete, legible, and include all required documents.
  4. Incomplete applications will not be processed, and will be returned to the applicant for corrections.
  5. After 1 business day, applications may not be cancelled or rescinded once submitted.
  6. If a W-9 is not provided for new vendors, the request may be placed on hold pending receipt of the W-9.
  7. All receipts must be from January 1 through December 31 of current year, with date and name of vendor.
  8. Any fraudulent activity will be subject to prosecution.
  9. Allow fourteen (14) business days for processing.
  10. Weekly cutoff time for receiving and processing applications is Thursday at 5:00 PM.  All requests received after 5:00 PM on Thursday will be processed the following week.
  11. All vendors paid by the Tribe must complete and have on file a W-9 Form.
  12. If Tribal member is not named on lease, statement, or bill, a written statement must also accompany request stating that the Tribal member is residing there.
  13. The Tribe will retain confidential files documenting all requests and will shred supporting documents after two (2) years.

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*TRIBAL ASSISTANCE APPLICATION* (Use application for ALL Tribal Assistance)

Please direct all email correspondence to:

Kendra Pope
Kendra is the Director of the Tribal Assistance Program. She has been working in Tribal Assistance at the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma since 2013. Previous work experience include: office management, banking, medical billing, and sales management. Kendra has an A.A.S. in Communications from OSU-IT.
Kendra states, “I am proud to be working for the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma and truly enjoy my position here. I thank you for the opportunity to serve you.”
Kendra can be reached at ext. 260.

Renee Burns
Renee is the Tribal Assistance Specialist. Renee previously worked at Oklahoma State University as an Accounting Specialist for 9 years. She can be reached at ext. 261.

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Veteran’s Assistance

  • Allowance is $2,000 annually
  • Allotted $1,000 January – June and $1,000 July – December

Dental/ Vision/ Prescription/ Medical (CoreSource Benefit Card)

College Expense Assistance

  • Allowance is $1,600 annually
  • Allotted $800 January – June and $800 July – December

Elder’s Assistance

  • Allowance is $3,000 annually
  • Allotted $1,500 January – June and $1,500 July – December

Hearing Assistance

  • Allowance is $2,500 for first initial set up
  • $1,000 every year thereafter for annual maintenance

Household Assistance

  • Allowance is $4,000 annually
  • Allotted $2,000 January – June and $2,000 July – December

School Expense Assistance

  • Allowance is $2,000 annually
  • Allotted $1,000 January – June and $1,000 July – December

Burial Assistance

  • Allowance is $9,000 per lifetime
  • Alloted $1,500 to next of kin and $7,500 to funeral home

Burial Assistance – Infants

  • Allowance is $1,500 per lifetime.
  • Payment is issued directly to the funeral home.

Education Incentive

Amount of assistance is individually calculated:

  • $200 8th grade completion
  • $300 12th grade graduation
  • $300 GED completion
  • $300 Vocation training of 800 clock hours

Education Incentive – Higher Education

Eligibility Requirements: Enrolled in an accredited university or college courses leading to a degree program.

Eligibility Time Period
Yearly / January 1-December 31
Amount of assistance is individually calculated:

  • Applications must be supported by an original transcript, within 120 days after the close of the semester and /or the receipt of grades.
  • Incentive is calculated by multiplying the dollar amount, which is based on current grade point average(GPA), times the credit hours passed per semester.
    • $92 Graduate level
    • $70 GPA of 3.5 or higher
    • $65 GPA of 2.5 to 3.49
    • $60 GPA of 2.0 to 2.49
    • $ 0 GPA less than 2.0

High School Senior Assistance
Assistance is provided to offset the added expenses for graduating seniors.

Eligibility Requirements: High School Student anticipating 12th Grade Graduation.

Eligibility Time Period
One Academic Year / August – June

Amount of Assistance

  • Allotted $1,500 (per semester).