OES Programs


EPA GAP Program

The EPA GAP program is the ITO OES’s base environmental grant program. While we do different projects every year we are limited. With the exception of educational outreach, we are limited to projects that are meant to build capacity rather than run the same programs every year. Our grant year runs with the federal fiscal year, of October 01 – September 30. Much of the work in this program is administrative.



Educational Outreach

Most of the educational outreach is done under the EPA GAP program. Some of the outreach we will do:

  • Tribal Youth Camp – June 2018.
  • ITO Clinic’s Health Fair – Look for the OES Table for information on environmental health such as lead contamination, mercury levels in fish, and indoor air problems caused by mold.



Stream Monitoring

  • The ITO OES has conducted monitoring of various creeks within the tribal boundary for over 10 years. There are two HUC 8 watersheds that are partially within the tribal jurisdiction, the Deepfork Watershed on the southern half of the tribal jurisdiction and the Lower Cimarron Watershed on the northern half of the jurisdiction.
  • We take monthly measurements for things like temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Salinity, and how much nutrients are in the water.
  • We are currently working for approval from EPA to expand the water monitoring to include other water projects.
  • We will update future water projects and plans.



Tribal Drinking Water System

ITO OES manages and administers the tribal drinking water system. This involves daily monitoring of the water wells, testing drinking water samples for public health and safety, and general maintenance of the wells, well houses, and ensuring the TTO drinking water meets and/or exceeds federal regulations for health and safety.

The Garber-Wellington aquifer underlies the Iowa Tribal jurisdiction and supplies the tribal drinking water system.

If you are a tribal member and have questions about the ITO water system you can contact Candace Pershall in the Office of Environmental Services at 404-547-2402 X 350.