Agriculture Program

The mission of the Agriculture Program is to develop a program that the Iowa Tribal member can be proud of by striving to restore our spiritual values, cultural beliefs and practices, ecological restoration, agricultural and economic development and educational development.


Current Program Activities:

  • The Agriculture Program has 65 buffalo and 38 cattle
  • Supply buffalo and cattle meat to tribal members
  • Work with the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NCRS) to improve tribal property
  • Hold Outreach activities with the NCRS
  • Partner with Oklahoma State University to conduct DNA testing on bison to determine the purity of the herd
  • Submit grant to the Inter-Tirbal Buffalo Council for operations and nuclear genetic testing.


Flat Top, herd bull, is a twelve-year-old Bison from Wind Cave, SD



Curtis Washington, Agricultural Programs Manager
405-547-5433 ext 352