Tribal Water System

The goal of the water system is to ensure that the Tribal Complex, Elder Housing, Day Care and other Tribal entities are supplied with a safe, potable and ample water supply.

The 2011 upgrades to the water system included:

Well 1 – installation of a new plumbing tree, a new concrete pad and the addition of a security fence around the site. The well is expected to go back online sometime this summer and will provide an additional water source for the system.

Well 2 – addition of a new concrete pad on the south side of the building, a new plumbing tree and the removal of unnecessary casing above the well head to allow for better maintenance and appearance.

Future Projects for the Water System

Work with IHS and EPA to complete the following:

  • Add a chlorination system at Well 1
  • Install flow meters at both well locations
  • Renovate the water tower, which includes cleaning and painting

Lagoon Renovations

The wastewater lagoon, located northwest of the Tribal Complex was renovated in 2011, in cooperation with BKJ Solutions and Indian Health Service. A new pipe was installed to take the place of a broken influent pipe to allow for better flow and dispersion of wastewater. The new system is working at peak efficiency and has the capacity for future expansion of the Tribal Complex or adjacent areas that are currently utilizing the wastewater system.

For further information on groundwater programs and services please contact Ken Knight at

Phone: 405-547-5433 ext.230